The real estate world is slightly wonky right now.  There is a shortage of homes, a supply of buyers, and this will cause/is causing interest rates to increase, and real estate values to increase.  At the same time however, the lenders who took back homes in the down market are looking to put a flood of properties back on the market in order to sell in an up market.  I believe the result of this will flatline prices slightly, and in some areas, may cause a downward fluctuation.  I truly am not certain how many homes will be released, to determine how many months of inventory will need to be absorbed to stabilize the market.  I have heard of rumors of recession, however, at the same time, recession (though it may be slight), does NOT equate to a bubble. Real estate is still a worthy investment and will remain cheaper than rent.  The best determination of how your investment will do is how you weather the storm when recessions and bubbles hit.   But gladly, that is a topic for another day.  For those looking to put your home on the market – you have a slight window of goodness.  Hop to it!