We are in a very competitive market bearing multiple offers and fewer property selections.  Interest rate has an upward trend.  The values are not as high as when the market was in the height of the market in recent past years.  The average priced home in Central Florida according the MLS statistics is $ 264,000.  The Median is $215,000; an approximate $20,000 increase over February 2017 statistics. (Orange County Median $248K; Seminole County Median $235K).  It has become common place as the values continue to rise that appraisals are not meeting with contract constraints.  This is another area where our expertise in navigating the problematic market (whether we represent the Buyer or the Seller) is key to meeting your real estate goals.  For Buyers, there are still some really great deals out there, but it will take patience and expertise to locate the best opportunities.  There are scary things out there as well, for both Buyers and Sellers.  Such as Chinese Drywall, mold, polybutylene piping, aluminum wiring, Federal Pacific Electrical panels, and so many more issues that mess with your bottom line.  We guide Buyers and Sellers on solving these issues, and help you learn approximate repair values for these types of issues and share our knowledge in taking care of specific needs of a home.

We suggest that you meet for a consultation to layout your long-term Property Investment Options, whether you are just starting out with your first home or are cultivating a community of rentals; Meeting with our experts can help shape your financial portfolio in years to come.  There is no charge for this benefit to you.  Welcome to the family!