Yesterday  was the second time I had such a great experience with a small friendly neighborhood shop around the corner that I wanted to blog about great customer service today, and ask that you think of the little shops around the corners of neighborhoods this Christmas time and pay them homage as being important for the cornerstones in our communities, in providing needed jobs and services.

As a Broker, and as an individual involved in real estate since the age of 19, I have seen so many ups and downs in the housing market.  I know that our commitment to customer service is what has enabled us to remain strong in the business when others around us had fallen, gone bankrupt… even some of the biggies!  We are always seeking out ways to improve customer service, and are thankful for the loyalty of our wonderful clients, their ongoing dedication to help us grow to nearly 200 properties being managed today, and their ongoing referrals.   We wish you a Blessed Holiday, and a prosperous New Year to all!  Read below to hear about the great customer service I received from our local Ace Hardware Store on Aloma Avenue in Winter Park….

Back in February I visited the local Ace Hardware Store on Aloma.  I was doing volunteer work, so I was dressed in a Pathfinder uniform (much like boy scouts, only w/skirt), and was in desperate need for Tiki torches for an event occurring that night.  When I brought them to the counter, they rang up for over $7 each.  I was spending money for non-profit entity and  could not see spending that much.  The owner was there, and asked how much I was willing to pay, and I stated $3.50 to $4 each.  He charged me only $3.50 each and I was elated that I would not be late to the event.

Once the event was complete, I took the time to think upon the manager, and review the product provided.  The old metal ones I had were rusted out.  The replacement torches were made of a material that did not rust (a better replacement).  That made the original price quote seem not so bad, but I was thrilled that the manager was so eager to help.

I went back to this same store yesterday.  After exhaustive search for an odd size 18 x 30 air filter which was not carried by Lowes, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Publix and a variety of other places, I was again elated to have found this filter right around the corner.  We bought in bulk whatever inventory Ace had on the shelf of this filter.  The staff willingly indicated that if I purchase in bulk they would give 20% discount,  indicating the price to be over $9 each.     The filter was previously quoted to me as being only $4.99 each.  I told them the price that was quoted, and they honored it without question.   This is my local Ace Hardware store that has earned my business.